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  • Two girls making cyanotypes
  • Visitors in the Herbarium
  • Visitors looking at plant pollen under the microscopes and at the stomata on leaves with the Cellscope and the iPod.


Report 'Fascination of Plants Day' Switzerland

Participants at Events on 17 & 18 Mai 2013
  • Workshop for High School Classes: The Evolution of Broccoli and other Brassicaceae, University of Basel: 2 classes (40-50 people)
  • Guided tour at the Botanical Garden of Geneva: 30 participants
  • Lab visits University of Geneva: around 40 participants
Participants at Events on 18 Mai 2013
  • Workshop – Plant collections in Science & Art, Institute of Botany & Botanical Garden of the University of Basel: 40-50 participants
    • Tour in the Herbarium
    • Making Cyanotypes with plants in the botanical garden
    • Looking at plant pollen grains
    • Looking at the stomata with the Cellscope and the iPod
  • Open Doors of the Garden of the National Berry Collection of ProSpecieRara, Riehen: 10-12 participants
  • Lecture an guided tour – “Old collections and modern research questions”, Herbarium and Botanical Museum of the University of Zurich: 10 participants

Altogether more than 150 participants on the two days. At the workshop in Basel, where I was co-organizer, people were very interested and motivated. The workshop for the school classes was also a great success, there was an excellent feedback from the teachers. I received also a very good feedback from the other events in Zurich and Geneva.


Communiqué de Presse – 13 mai 2013

La Journée Internationale de Célébration des Plantes - 18 mai 2013


Pressemitteilung 'Fascination of Plants Day' Schweiz


Flyer 'Fascination of Plants Day'