Australia Dr. Monica Ogierman
Education Manager, ACPFG
National Coordinator, Fascination of Plants Day 2013

Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG)
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
University of Adelaide Waite Campus
Plant Genomics Centre
Hartley Grove, Urrbrae
Postal: PMB1 Glen Osmond SA 5064
Ph: (08) 8313 6725 Mb: 040 199 3799
Fax: (08) 8313 7102
Get into Genes



Sporadic events may be organized around 18 May 2014. However, support in terms of global coordination, PR Tools, printing posters etc. are not available for 2014 events.

The international "Fascination of Plants Day 2015" will be launched again under the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO). The goal of this activity is to get as many people as possible around the world fascinated by plants and enthused about the importance of plant science for agriculture, in sustainably producing food, as well as for horticulture, forestry, and all of the non-food products such as paper, timber, chemicals, energy, and pharmaceuticals. The role of plants in environmental conservation will also be a key message.
Everybody is welcome to join this initiative!
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We invite you to organize for the 18th of May 2014 and 2015 a fascinating activity related to plants attracting and interacting with the public. May 18th will be the very Fascination of Plants Day and most events will be organised for this day. In addition, where this is not suitable, events will be organised throughout the month 3 - 31 May . Just contact your National Coordinator or the EPSO Coordinator Trine Hvoslef-Eide to discuss and get guidelines for using the Fascination of Plants Day. The Fascination of Plants Day corporate design can be downloaded for free at the “PR-toolbox” on this webpage to be used to prepare, hold and report on this day, see “Main Menu”.

We invite many others to join in, ranging from schools to horticulture and anyone who feels to have a suited contribution to this initiative. Many plant science institutions, universities, botanical gardens, and museums, together with farmers and companies, have opened their doors at the Fascination of Plants Day 2012 and 2013, with a variety of plant-based events for all the family - just look at the “Success Story” links in the given countries by clicking “Countries”. Again, the media are invited to join in, and scientists, farmers, politicians and industrialists will discuss with them and present the latest state-of-the-art research and breakthroughs in the plant science world and explore all of the new potential applications plant science can offer.
The Fascination of Plants Day will be backed up by a range of events in public spaces, theatres, cafes, central city squares and parks designed to get everyone thinking about plants.

Plants are fascinating. From one little seed, planted into soil, many green lives can arise - from small herbs up to big trees, or from ornamental flowers to substantial crops which all animals and mankind need to survive on this planet. Plant biologists estimate the total number of plant species roughly to be about 250,000. On the back of this coordinated activity we hope to plant again many virtual and constantly germinating seeds in the collective mind of the European and World Public that plant science is of critical significance to the social and environmental landscape now and into the future.

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Australia participated at the Fascination of Plants Day 2012 and 2013
visit the 'Success Story 2013'

Success Story 2012
Complete event list 2012

These institutions will take part at the Fascination of Plants Day 2013. If you would like to join this initiative, please contact your national coordinator.

ARC Centre for Excellence in Plant Cell Walls
Adelaide, South Australia

Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics Pty Ltd
Adelaide, South Australia


  • Get into Genes -the application of biotechnology to plant science and food production.
    Get into Genes is a free, hands on curriculum-linked 2 hour workshop.
    Get into Genes is an award-winning program that has been helping secondary school students and teachers explore the use of gene technology in modern agriculture since 2004.
    Real-life Australian research examples are discussed providing the ‘hook’ students need to grasp and remember concepts. Students also make the important connection between agriculture and their food.
    - hands on activities
    - presentation
    - May 13th-16th, 2hr workshops between 9am-4pm
    - Plant Genomics Centre, Hartley Grove, Urrbrae,SA,5064
    Target audience: High School students
    Alison Wilson Get into Genes Education Officer 0467709479

Australian National Botanic Gardens


  • --
    Fascination of Plants Day

    Self guided walking trail looking at plants that fascinate Staff and Friends of the ANBG
    - guided tour
    - 18th May 2013 All Day
    - ANBG Canberra
    Target audience: general community
    Organizer: Jennifer Salkeld 6250 9540

 Australian National University
Canberra, ACT

Australian Network for Plant Conservation
National Network


  • Online slide show of some of Australia's most threatened flora
    Online slide show depicting some of Australia's most threatened plants. The slide show will include information on some of the actions that are being undertaken to prevent extinction.
    - presentation
    - 18 May 2013
    Target audience: General community
    Tricia Hogbin, Project Manager, Australian Network for Plant Conservation (ANPC). mobile: 0403462543

Australian SeedBank Partnership
Canberra, ACT

Australian Society of Plant Scientists
Western Australia

BGANZ Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand


  • --
    BGANZ Fascination of Plant Photograph Competition

    Photograph a PLANT on May 18th and win! Join BGANZ and celebrate Fascination of Plants Day by photographing a plant that is special or important. The plant may be one that provides food or non-food products, reminds you of fond memories or is special to you for other reasons. Upload the plant photo to BGANZ Facebook ( or twitter @BGANZ1 Don’t forget to tell us why this plant is important to you and where you took the photograph. The winning photograph will be featured on an upcoming cover of The Botanic Garden magazine
    twitter @BGANZ1
    - hands on activities
    - Saturday 18th May for 24 hours
    - The Internet:
    Target audience: BGANZ Members and Supporters
    Organizer: BGANZ
    PO Box 1777
    Canberra, ACT 2601

Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand Inc (BGANZ)
Canberra, ACT

CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club
Hindmarsh, South Australia


  • The Magic of Mangroves
    Field trip around inter-tidal mangrove eco-system with popular educator Kris Messenger leading the group. Check out exposed mud flats, birds, mangroves, dolphins and wildlife.
    - guided tour
    - Sunday 19 May 2013
    - Garden Island, Port Adelaide Google Maps
    Target audience: Science club members & their families
    Rona Sakko 0419 8277 23

Friends of the Waite Arboretum
Adelaide, South Australia

Get into Genes, Victoria
Melbourne, Victoria


  • Get Into Genes Workshop
    Get into Genes -is a program that highlights the application of biotechnology to agriculture. It offers a hands on curriculum-linked 2 hour workshop where students rotate through 4 work stations gaining an understanding of how gene technology is used in modern day agriculture.
    It is an award winning program suitable for year levels 9 to 12.
    - hands on activities
    - presentation
    - May 13th- May 15th
    - School of Botany, Univ. of Melbourne and La Trobe University, Bundoora Google Maps
    Target audience: High School Students
    Anjali Sahasrabudhe Education officer, 0409533959

Holland Park State High School


  • --
    Fascination of Plants Day photography competition

    A digital photo competition for students with the subject of the photo being a plant in the school grounds.
    - Monday 13 to Friday 17 May
    - Holland Park SHS, Bapaume Rd, Holland Park
    Target audience: High school students
    Organizer: Cath Menzler Head of Department, Science

Kitchen Garden Foundation
Adelaide, South Australia

Monash University
Melbourne, Victoria


  • Monash Clayton Gardens Tour
    Learn about the wealth of plants growing at Monash Clayton on this one-hour tour.
    The tour will be hosted by Mark Corea, grounds curator of the Monash Clayton Campus.
    - guided tour
    - Friday 17 May, 12pm and 1:30pm.
    - Monash University, Clayton
    Target audience: General community
    Roslyn Gleadow +61 3 990 51667
  • aus4

  • Aboriginal Garden Tour
    Ethnobotanist Dr Beth Gott will be conducting a tour of the Aboriginal Garden at Monash University. The garden contains over 150 different plants used by the first Australians for purposes including food, medicines, tools and fibres.
    The Aboriginal Garden is located in the north-east corner of the Clayton Campus, beside the lake near building 74.
    - guided tour
    - 18th of May, at 12pm and 1:30pm.
    - Monash University, Clayton
    Target audience: General community
    Roslyn Gleadow +61 3 990 51667

Plant Energy Biology
Perth, Western Australia

Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre


  • Fascination of Plants Day in Q Lab
    Visit Questacon’s Q Lab to celebrate ‘Fascination of Plants Day’ and find out why plants are so fascinating! Learn how to build a battery from vegetables, use plant roots to detect acids, and extract the DNA from peas!
    - hands on activities
    - 9am to 5pm, Monday 13 to Saturday 18 May
    - Q Lab at Questacon, King Edward Tce, Parkes ACT
    Target audience: Ages 7 and up
    Michael Bennett (02) 6270 2854

Adelaide, SA


  • RiAus book club: The flower hunters
    From the Douglas-fir and the monkey puzzle tree, to exotic orchids and azaleas, many of the plants that are now so familiar to us were found in distant regions of the globe, often in wild and unexplored country, in impenetrable jungle, and in the face of hunger, disease, and hostile locals.

    It was specimens like these, smuggled home by the flower hunters, that helped build the great botanical collections, and lay the foundations for the revolution in our understanding of the natural world that was to follow.

    Leading up to the World Fascination of plants day (Saturday 18 May), RiAus Book Club selection for May is The Flower Hunters by Mary Gribbin and John Gribbin, following the story of eleven remarkable men and women whose dedication and discoveries laid the foundation for the study of botany as we know it today.

    RiAus Book Club has a science and technology focus that embraces sci-fi, biographies, speculative fiction, young adult fiction, and more.

    Book Club events are all about participation. They’re for those who’ve read the featured book and are keen to talk about it with others.
    - Wednesday 15 May 2013, 6–7:30pm
    - The Science Exchange, Exchange Place, Adelaide
    Target audience: General community
    Lisa Bailey Programs Manager, RiAus 08 7120 9800

St Brendans College


  • Plant Science Fair
    Students will conduct experiments relating to plant science throughout the day with visiting researchers from local and international universities. In addition a plant photography competition will be run and judged during the plant science fair day.
    - hands on activities
    - exhibition
    - First Week of May 2013 (01 - 05 May)
    - St Brendans College, Yeppoon

    Target audience: High School Students
    Organizer: Terrina Bailey ((07) 4939 9300 ) and Amanda Rasmussen

  The Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics
Adelaide, South Australia and Melbourne, Victoria

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

The Plant Accelerator
South Australia

The Royal Botanic Garden and Domains Trust
Sydney, New South Wales

   The Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus)
Adelaide, South Australia

The University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Adelaide, South Australia

The University of Melbourne: School of Land & Environment and School of Botany
Melbourne, Victoria

The University of Melbourne


  • University of Melbourne Herbarium Tour
    Come and see the botanical wonders housed at the University of Melbourne Herbarium on this 45 minute tour. The University of Melbourne Herbarium houses approximately 100,000 dried plant specimens, including fungi, mosses, liverworts, lichens, algae, ferns, gymnosperms and flowering plants. On this tour, Dr Gill Brown, curator of the collection, will show you plant specimens collected from as long ago as 1770, demonstrate the preservation and conservation methods used in herbaria and explain the significance of collections such as these, and how they are used by researchers and the general public in the present day.
    Please note bookings are essential and each tour is limited to 20 people per tour.
    Bookings can be made by emailing Gill Brown with your time preference and the number of people wishing to attend. Confirmation of your place on the tour will be emailed to you.
    - guided tour
    - Monday 20th May, 12pm and 2pm (bookings essential)
    - University of Melbourne Parkville Campus
    Target audience: General Community
    Dr Gill Brown

 The University of Sydney, School of Biological Sciences
Sydney, New South Wales

University of Adelaide


  • Discover the Waite Arboretum
    Discover the beautiful Waite Arboretum with FREE guided walks by experienced guides. This scientific collection of over 2,200 labelled trees from around the world includes species endangered in the wild and a heritage-listed avenue of elms. The trees are grown without supplementary watering after establishment. See which species have performed well for over 50 years under rainfall alone. Special collections include oaks, ornamental pears and dragon trees. The Arboretum is home to koalas and many birds. Stunning sculptures, a watercourse and shady seats enhance the visitors’ experience. Guided walks last 90 minutes.
    - guided tour
    - Saturday 18 May. Tours at 10am, noon, 2 pm
    - University of Adelaide, Waite Campus, South Australia
    Target audience: General Community
    Contact: Jennifer Gardner 8313 7405