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“Día Internacional de la Fascinación por las Plantas 2012"
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Día de la fascinación por las plantas
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The 'Fascination of Plants Day' Success Story / Dia de la Celebracion de las Plantas

  • La Plata
  • La Plata
  • Catholic University


Fascination of Plants Day in Argentina was celebrated in two cities: Córdoba and La Plata.

Activities in Córdoba were held all over the city, and attended by over 700 students, senior citizens, and general public. It all started before sunrise, when a cheerful group of people defied the early morning cold, and downloaded pick-up trucks and cars in the Buen Pastor Chapel, a cultural center in the city. Stands, exhibits, experiments, and a photography contest, organized by people from CIAP-INTA and IMBIV (CONICET, National University of Córdoba), were held there. Students of all ages enjoyed the day. Second grade children were delighted to act as pollinators. High school students engaged in games to identify mutants and signal transduction chains. All were eager to taste pastries and beverages made from algarrobo (Prosopis) and were delighted to take a souvenir plant home.

Lectures at the National Academy of Sciences took place throughout the day, attracted students, school childrena and by-passers. The Botanical Museum opened its doors to the public and people explored it with pleasure.

The Catholic University offered tours through the botanical garden, lectures and exhibits of native plants and their products. Insecticides and pesticides focused great attention. Souvenirs were native plant seeds.

The closing of the wonderful day was an art exhibit held at the España-Córdoba Cultural Center, featuring streams and linking water and plants.

In La Plata activities were held on May 17 and 18, when over 300 visitors were welcomed at INFIVE (Institute for Plant Physiology). High school students attended lab experiences and demonstrations, and lectures about possible future careers in the fields of plant biology and agronomy.

School children of all ages transplanted lettuce and chard plants and received instruction on plant care and feeding. They were delighted with a guided tour through the Botanical Gardens and with another for identifying edible weeds, where they could taste different foods prepared with them. There was an open lecture about the importance of plants in our nutrition and modern lifestyle, and the need for agricultural sustainability.

This event was an excellent opportunity to emphasize the importance of plants in our daily lives, and at the same time to show part of our research work.